Graham Bartlett

I am a former detective and now a crime fiction and police advisor to authors and TV writers as well as a Sunday Times best selling crime writer.

If you are a crime writer, be it crime fiction, non-fiction, on-line material or TV drama we are here for you. My team of experts and I can help you create stunningly authentic plots, police officers and scenes to make your narrative sizzle and keep critics from your door.

My 30+ years as a detective, firearms commander and city police chief is at your disposal. I will let take you behind the curtain to show you how crimes are investigated and solved, from the corpse to the courtroom. It’s not just me. My network of experts in CSI, forensic science, kidnap, extortion, counter terrorism, pathology, cyber-crime, poisons, surveillance, witness protection  and crime intelligence are queuing up to lend you their years of experience too. Most are crime writers too, so understand how to mould fact with fiction. There is nothing we’ve not investigated. We are the one stop shop of crime fiction specialists.