Crime Fiction Advice for writers

Manuscript review

The full manuscript review is my speciality. I painstakingly go through your entire novel/ script – or part of it – picking out police procedure, cultural or character flaws and suggest simple solutions that chime with your story. I’ll also spot those minor glitches you didn’t know you didn’t know!

You’ll be totally assured that your crime novel will be as authentic as possible keeping your story and cast at the centre. You will receive a fully annotated manuscript, a covering report and, of course, access to me for any further queries.

In addition to reviewing your manuscript for procedural accuracy, I can also refer you to literary editors who are available (at separate cost) to help you develop your plot, structure, characters and writing. Rebecca Millar is a freelance editor who specialises in crime fiction and has an impressive back-catalogue of Best Sellers by authors such as Gilly McMillan, Heidi Perks and Simon McCleave. Read more about Rebecca HERE.

Cost Up to £800 (80k to 100k word manuscript)

One-to-One Consultation

If you have specific questions – or just want to discuss ideas – to discover how police investigate crimes such as murder, kidnap, terrorism and anything else, what a detective would do at a crime scene, how police are structured or how forensics work, for example, then why not opt for my one-to one service.

This is over the phone, Zoom, face to face or via email. Again, you will receive a constructive reply with suggestions on how to use the police procedure and authentic police characters to enhance your story.

Cost – £60 per hour