Our Crime Fiction Experts

Graham Bartlett
Graham Bartlett Profile Picture
LEAD ADVISOR: All policing topics especially •Crime Investigation Including Homicide •Offender Management •Domestic Violence •Safeguarding Children and Adults •Firearms •Public Order
Kate Bendelow
Kate Bendelow Profile Picture
CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR: •Crime Scene Investigation •Crime Scene Management •Forensics
Ian Robinson
Ian Robinson
COVERT POLICING: •Informant Handling •Organised Crime •Proactive Investigations •Tracking Child Abusers •Child Protection •Investigating Child Murders
David Smart
David Smart Photo Sep 2020 (2)
COUNTER TERRORISM COMMAND •Terrorism Investigations •Prevent •Violent Extremism •Diplomatic and Royalty Protection •All policing topics
Stephen Bentley
Stephen Bentley Profile Picture
UNDERCOVER POLICING: •Criminal Law prosecution and defending •Mental Health
Mr Smith (pseudonym)
Mr Smith, undercover policing expert
•Undercover Policing •Organised Crime Infiltration
Mrs Smith (pseudonym)
Mrs Smith, undercover policing expert
•Undercover Policing •Organised Crime Infiltration •Serious Crime Investigation •Investigative Interviewing
Louise Pye
Louise Pye
FAMILY LIAISON: •Disaster Victim Identification •Major Incidents •Murder Investigations
Jim Smith
Jim Smith
POLICE SCOTLAND: • Murder and Serious Crime Investigations •Holmes •Casualty Bureau •Child Rescue Alert •Public Safety Events
Brian Cook
Brian Cook
POLICE SCOTLAND: •Operational policing and command •Firearms •Public order •Specialist search •Negotiator •Professional standards
Bruce Mathews
Bruce Mathews Biog pic
FIREARMS TACTICAL COMMAND •Armed Policing •Post Incident Management •Public Order •Counter Corruption
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Expert Advisor
POLICE / MILITARY LIAISON: All policing topics, especially •Metropolitan Police •Security Services •Royal Military Police •Pre PACE Policing •Hostage and Crisis Negotiator. •PTSD
Gerard Lovett
Gerard Lovett
AN GARDA SÍOCHÁNA: •Irish Policing •Special Branch • Irish Terrorism •VIP Protection •Irish Police History
Gary Clarke
Gary Clarke
PRISONS •Offender Management •Men's Mental Health
Nigel Adams
Nigel Adams Biog pic
FIRE INVESTIGATION •Explosion Investigation •Fire Service Procedure •Partnership Work •Expert Witness
Lesley McEvoy
Lesley McEvoy profile picture
PSYCHOLOGIST •Behavioural Analyst •Expert on Psychopathy
Harry Colfer
Harry Colfer Critical Care Expert
CRITICAL CARE PARAMEDIC: •Paramedic Procedures •Emergency Scene Management •Traumatic Injuries & Acute Illnesses •Ambulance Practices
Grenville Wilson
STRATEGIC POLICING COMMAND •Public Order •Firearms •Professional Standards •Prisons
Dr Emma Donnelly
Emma Donnelly
CLINICAL FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: Assessment of Violent and Sexual Offenders •Child Sexual Abuse •Mental Health •Personality Disorders •Psychopathy
Neil White
SOLICITOR: •Criminal Justice Prosecution & Defence •Courts •Sentencing
Simon Andrews
Simon Andrews Profile Pic
COUNTER TERRORISM EXPERT: •IED and Bomb structure •Forensic Investigation of Terrorist Scenes •International Counter Terrorist Operations •Disaster Victim Identification •Body Recovery
Brian Price
Brian Price Profile Picture
SCIENTIST: •Poisons •Weapons •Fires •Explosions •Body Disposal •DNA •New Forensic Developments
Dr Chris Merritt
Chris Merritt
CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST •PTSD •Mental Health •NHS •UK Government •War Zones •Diplomatic Service
Martin Richards
Martin Richards profile pic
HOSTAGE AND CRISIS NEGOTIATOR •Kidnap •Extortion •Hostage and siege management •Firearms •Surveillance •Public Order •International policing •All policing topics
Steve Voice
Steve Voice Profile Picture
RETIRED POLICE OFFICER: All Policing Topics, especially •Firearms •Major Incident / Disaster Management and Response •Counter Terrorism •Air Disasters
Marion Sandwell
Marion Sandwell
YOUTH JUSTICE •Firearms and Operational Command •Dogs •General Policing
Dr Anita Donley OBE
Anita Donley OBE Profile Picture
CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN: •Acute Medicine •Expert in Older Persons' Health
Charlotte-Elizabeth Garwood
Charlotte-Elizabeth Garwood profile picture
PSYCHOLOGIST: •Behavioural Analyst •Expert On Murderer, Kidnapper and Rapist Profiling

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