Here are my crime fiction musings. Detailed discussions about all you ever need to know for your crime writing – and some you’d never thought about.

Guest Blog

Working with Graham Bartlett

When lockdown struck in March last year I immediately lost two clients. ‘Sorry, too much unpredictability. We need to cut all our costs…’
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Tea and Sympathy?

Nationally acclaimed FLO, Louise Pye QPM, busts every Family Liaison myth there is and explains what the role actually involves.
graham receiving policing service certificate

The Natural Order

If who does what in the police blows your mind and you’ve no idea how people move up the ranks, fret no more! Here I explain it all – and it’s not that complicated.

Getting to know you, officer

No more arresting chummy or proceeding in a northerly direction. Read how police actually speak, address each other and what they taught at!
Police officer arrests the driver violator on road

The Faint Whiff of Policing

Ask any cop what the go-to insult of numb-skulls on a night out is when they walk past and I’ll bet…
Arrested computer hacker with handcuffs

Who Cares?

I know nothing about resecting a bowel or removing an inflamed appendix. Why would I? I’m a former detective, not a surgeon. What I suspect though…
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